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HALLOWEEN | Last Minute Costumes

HALLOWEEN | Last Minute Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner and it looks like you need a killer costume! Last minute costumes can super fun -- especially when you find something you can wear more than once (Like, how many crappy synthetic costumes from past Halloweens do we have sitting in storage.... We don't even wanna know).

Get those creative juices flowing! A little more thought is needed when you're looking for pieces that can last but also fit the bill of an idea. Luckily, we're here to help! Here are a few last minute ideas with clothes available in the shop!

1920's Art Deco Doll

Decade costumes never die -- and a 1920's look is no exception. The maximalism stylings of the 20's are reminiscent of what is trendy now, making it quite simple to find a dress to work as a costume for Halloween. You can even bring the dress back in a sleek, modern and understated way for the holidays! Total bang for your buck (which wasn't a problem in the roaring 20s when everyone was making bank). 

Our ideas...

Above: Beaded Dress and Gatsby Dress by Molly Bracken -- Online now!
Both of these dresses are a great option for a modernized 20's Halloween look! Just add long gloves, garter tights, pearls, and a fun headband. The more accessories the better!

Margot Tenenbaum

Wes Anderson's universe is diverse with quirky characters to portray this Halloween. Margot Tenenbaum may be a complex person but her design is quite simple for a last minute Halloween costume. Depending on your style as well... These pieces can be worn all year!

Our Ideas...

Above: Belinde Jacket by Minimum and Rina Dress by Gentle Fawn

All you need it a faux fur coat, a striped dress, a fabulous bob pulled back with a bright red barrette, and dark eye makeup. Don't forget the fake cig!

... and who knows, maybe you'll discover your talent as a playwright.

Beyonce in Lemonade

Who wouldn't want to be the Queen for Halloween? Beyonce has a lot of iconic moments over the years but one of our faves is when she smashed that car while wearing Roberto Cavalli. We love a malevolent queen!

Our Ideas...

Above: Yellow Ruffle Dress by BB Dakota

The dress from the F16 collection is unbelievable... But unfortunately so is the price tag. Lucky enough we have a similar but slightly more subdued option for your Halloween look. All you need now is a baseball bat, fabulous hair and accessories, and an (allegedly) cheating husband. But don't worry! You'll go on a world tour with one another in a few years.

So there are a few ideas! We hope you all have a fabulous Halloween and an even more fabulous costume. Have any other ideas for last-minute costumes? Comment below!

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