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"Cory and Nancy met roughly two-years ago and quickly discovered they're both very creative and driven people that work extremely well together. Cory is a self-taught photographer and film maker, and Nancy is a writer and media specialist - both Edmonton born and raised.
While doing long distance, they decided they wanted to take on a project that would keep them connected in a fun and new way. Then came the idea of creating a children's book together. They're unique children's book incorporates a heavy focus on images taken in Alberta paired with the story of a boy's adventure in the Rockies. It was always a dream of Nancy's to create a book, and the fusion of they're skills, writing and photography, fit the projects needs perfectly. But the project became more than that. It became a desire to share with others they're passion for outdoor adventure. The pair loves to get outside and go canoeing, hiking, biking - you name it - and they've seen some pretty spectacular places along the way. Now they want others, especially young kids and families, to be inspired by Olen's story and their adventures, and ultimately explore these places for themselves. 
To snag a copy of "Olen's Adventures in the Canadian Rockies" just in time for the holidays, head down to Bamboo Ballroom Stockroom on Sunday, November 27th from 2-5 PM for the official launch party!"
The launch party will have Olen inspired snacks and there will be two readings of the book by the author, at 3PM and 4PM! Be one of the first five attendees and receive a Olen's Adventures gift bag, including a copy of the book! 
Pictures courtesy of Cory Johnn. 

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