That 70s Halloween

2016 Holidays

October 31st is coming up and we are stoked about dressing up! This year with all the 70s styles back on trend 70s inspired apparel is readily available and easily incorporated into a costume (and then into everyday outfits after Halloween is over). Need a little costume inspiration? We have a few ideas that will make you stand out from the sea of Harley Quinn's that will be at every party this Halloween. 

Pink Ladies

So Grease was a movie set in the 50s but it came out in the 70s! All you need to pull off this costume is a pink jacket (Suka's Pink Ladies jacket is one of our favourites), a few choice accessories (like a neck scarf), and a whole lot of sass! Throw on a pair of black jeans and use fabric tape to spell out Pink Ladies on the back of your jacket and you are ready to rule the party! 

Steve Jobs

Apple began in a garage in 1976, but it wasn't till a while later that Steve simplified his look into one outfit. The simplicity of this look makes it an easy costume to throw together last minute. This costume also gives you a purpose to pull out any old Apple products that you can carry with you to a party! 

Disco Diva 

Big hair, big dance moves, and a tone of glitter! Disco reached its peek in the 70s so why not bring it back for Halloween night and groove the night away! For this costume the more glitter, sequin, and shinny fabric the better! 
Come to Bamboo Stockroom to shop these looks and check out our other vintage pieces that can be incorporated into your wardrobe and Halloween costume! 

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