Gifts for the Kids 

Items (beginning top right and going clockwise): North Kinder holiday sweater; assorted Mini Mocs; Santifier hat and soother; North Kinder sweater and joggers; Modakidz Hat; Olen's Adventures picture book.

Gifts for Her


Items (beginning top right and going clockwise): Chick Brick soap (more scents in-store); Lick Your Plate and Salad love cookbooks and Streamline Limb by Limb measuring cups; Salt and Tea candles; Urban house and Areaware coasters. 

Gifts for Him

Items (beginning top right and going clockwise): Clos General leather notebooks; Bro Brick soap, Hand Mead beard oil and shaving oil; Ole originals YEG shirt; Canadian cocktails, State Motto bitters, and a 4 in 1 bar tool.


All products available at Bamboo Stockroom!

December 17, 2016 by Clare

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