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2016 Fashion

The 2016 Met Gala’s theme was Manus X Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology. Let’s just say, the future is now! The looks that walked the red carpet were out of this world.

Here’s a highlight of the trends and a Best & Worst Dressed list by one of our Bamboo Ballroom YYC gals, Jill Gillis of the NEAT blog reports:


Beyonce Met Gala

Beyonce - Givenchy

So you want to wear latex and still look feminine, and like a class act?! Sorry, you cant. You arent Beyonce.

Zendaya Met Gala

Zendaya - Micheal Kors

I love every risk this girl takes. The hair is the perfect statement, and the dress compliments it so well.

Rachel McAdams MET Gala

Rachel McAdams - Valentino

Rachel McAdams is always so true to her own style, and I love that. This look is a great combination of the theme and her.  

Lilly Alridge MET Gala

Lily Aldridge - Micheal Kors

Bleached eyebrows were a huge trend last night, and Lily KILLED it. This was so different for her, and she looks beautiful!! 


Kristen Stewart MET Gala

Kristen Stewart - Chanel

A lesson in how to make Chanel look badass. This girl just gets it. From head to toe.  

Alexa Chung Met Gala

Alexa Chung - Thakoon

I know this isnt the most jaw dropping Met Gala look, but I just think she looks so beautiful, and I die for a jumpsuit and this was one of the only ones!!! I had to include it you guys!

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga - Atelier Versace

This is what happens to Gaga when TV and movie awards season is over. And I love it so much. This is the Gaga I fell in love with back in the Poker Face days.

Nicole Kidman MET Gala

Nicole Kidman - McQueen

If this wasnt themed id have a hard time with moons and suns, but its working!!! And its Nicole Kidmanin Alexander McQueen, how can you fail??


Claire Danes MET Gala

Claire Danes - Zac Posen

This was like glow in the dark couture!! Which sounds like a complete disaster, but this works!! If there is a time to do it, this is it, and she pulled it off.

Kate Hudson MET Gala

Kate Hudson - Atelier Versace

This is giving me like futuristic bridal, and I dig it. I love that she kept everything else so simple and let the dress do it all.

Kate Hudson MET Gala

Karolina Kurkova - Marchesa

Another piece of light up couture. Not quite as bold as the first but still so fierce.  

Kate Bosworth MET Gala

Kate Bosworth - Dolce&Gabbana 

This dress is gorgeous. The details!! I love that she stays so true to her personal style, while accommodating the theme. Beautiful.


Ciara MET Gala

Ciara - H&M

This. Hair. You can wear a dress designed by H&M when you bring this hair, makeup, and body. Yes. 

Rita Ora MET Gala

Rita Ora - Vera Wang

A little bit a feathers never hurt anyone!!! Okmaybe a lot of feather! Shes like a silver, metallic, fabulous Big Bird!! And its everything.

Poppy Delvinge MET Gala

Poppy Delevigne - Marchesa

This is like one massive, glamorous, amazing, body chain. I love body chains, and I want to wear this one!! 

Naomi Watt MET Gala

Naomi Watts - Burberry

I wonder if I would look this good if I wrapped myself in tinfoil?? Im gonna go with no, but if Naomi Watts asked me that.. the answer is YES. I love this woman


Kim Kardashian MET Gala

Kim Kardashian - Balmain

Unfortunately we cant NOT talk about the Kardashians. I refuse to include Kris though. Thats just not necessary. Kim looks good, not great. I expected so much more from her. I understand that this is a custom Balmain gown, but its so basic for her.

Kylie Jenner MET Gala

Kylie Jenner - Balmain

Kylie goes to the Met Ball. Its her first one, again, she looks great, but i expected a little more edge from her. I am dying for her hair and makeup though.

Kendell Kardashian

Kendall Jenner - Atelier Versace

Thank you Kendall!!! She looks incredible in this Versace that looks like a bunch of yarn wrapped around her body. The best Kardashian/Jenner look by far.


Okay, you know there had to be some bad ones. But only a few!! I was in a good mood last night ;)

Katy Perry

Katy Perry - Prada

Oh Katy. She always just goes too far. Its just all too much. Too much.

Amy Schumer MET Gala

Amy Schumer - Alexander Wang

Ive been trying to see past the person and just look at the dress, but I just cant. I cant stand either. Amy Schumer, or this dress. She looks uncomfortable, and why is she at the Met Gala?! She is not relevant in fashion at all.

Madonna MET Gala

Madonna - Givenchy

Madonna may look good for her age, but that doesnt mean you can let it all hang out. Its literally all hanging out. Ugh. And her hair is beyond awful.

Nicki Minaj MET Gala

Nicki Minaj - Moschino

Nicki, the theme was not bondage couture. I know she likes to flaunt it, but can she at least try to class it up once in a while??

Selena Gomez MET Gala

Selena Gomez - Louis Vuitton

Selena tried something different, and you can tell. This looks like something for the MTV awards. This isnt her style, she looks uncomfortable, and it just isnt working.


Thats it for my fashion overload!! What did you guys think?! Happy couture dreaming :)

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