Two dresses that won't disappoint on date-night

2016 Fashion Outfit Inspiration Spring

Every woman deserves to feel sexy and every woman definitely deserves to have a great date-night dress. Whether it's a fabulous night out with a special someone or a night on the town with the girls, a hot dress can really make a woman feel invincible. A dress that makes you feel comfortable, but still pushes the boundaries is what we're ALL about and to help give you some inspiration for your next #DateNight, here are two dresses that will never disappoint.



We've hit a whole new level of hotness with this AQ/AQ dress. This London-based design label sure knows how to create a showstopper and their eye for structure and fit makes this 'Midi Dress' ideal for any special occasion. Bamboo-ballroom-yeg-yyc-edmonton-calgary-boutique-fashion-spring-date-night-dresses-AQ-AQ-tax-cut-away-midi AQ/AQ - Tanx Cut Away Midi Dress


Cherish is all about making simple look sleek and chic. Paired with Mink Pink's 'Moto Jacket', this dress will have you looking flawless whether it's a first date, second date or final date (#BoyBye). Bamboo-ballroom-yeg-yyc-edmonton-calgary-boutique-fashion-spring-date-night-dresses-cherish-ribbed-sleeveless-t-neck-mink-pink-moto-jacket Cherish - Ribbed Sleeveless Dress[/caption] Has the temperature increased or is it just us? Slay the night away in a great date-night dress and if we haven't inspired you enough, wait till you see what we have in store...

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