Axis Mundi Pop Up at Bamboo Ballroom

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Experience the uniqueness that is Axis Mundi Artistry! Join us, at Bamboo Ballroom, April 8th (3pm-8pm) and 9th (10am-6pm) and find out why we are currently so obsessed with their terrarium arrangements and handmade jewelry. Axis Mundi Artistry specializes in creating home grown, long lasting and low maintenance living art pieces and botanical jewelry that connects you with nature and nurtures the imagination...and we just can't get enough! To help all of our Edmonton local lovers out, here a few of their pieces to tide you over until Friday. Bamboo-ballroom-pop-up-shop-edmonton-yeg-axis-mundi-jewelry-spring-april-terrarium-floral-nature-gift-ideas Bamboo-ballroom-pop-up-shop-edmonton-yeg-axis-mundi-jewelry-spring-april-terrarium-floral-nature-unique Bamboo-ballroom-pop-up-shop-edmonton-yeg-axis-mundi-jewelry-spring-april-terrarium-floral-nature-one-of-a-kind

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