If you're reading this then I’m sure you’re aware the Oscars were last night. We watched #OscarsSoWhite, and as a result of that, my fashion picks are not very diverse. But to defend myself, it was slim pickings.

My friend tagged me in an instagram that said Lots of girls sitting at home tonight in yoga pants being pretty judgey #Oscars. And it’s true. But what is life if you can’t lay in bed judging other peoples million dollar outfits?! And it’s okay, because I know the rest of you were all there with me.

So let’s do this.


Lady GaGa: GaGa was life last night!! First she wears a jumpsuit to die for, and then sings the shit out of her performance. I love the Hollywood GaGa. The hair, the makeup, the outfits, she is the definition of a chameleon and get it’s right every time.

Designer: Brandon Maxwell


Naomi Watts: I. Love. This. Dress. Naomi was a real life mermaid last night. Colour, sparkle, fit, hair, makeup, diamonds. All perfection. She looks stunning.

Designer: Armani Privé


Rachel McAdams: For someone who usually goes so feminine and girly, this was SO refreshing for Rachel. Proof that simple can be so sexy when done right. Get it Rachel.

Designer: August Getty Atelier


Jennifer Lawrence: Finally. She saved the best for last this awards season! Her last few choices made me a little nervous of what was coming tonight, but she did it right. Head to toe, this was beautiful.

Designer: Dior


Charlize Theron: When you’re wearing millions of dollars of diamonds in your cleavage, then you can’t go wrong right?! Charlize was the example of how to do red on the red carpet.



Margot Robbie: This is totally studio 54 amazing-ness. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful blonde in metallic gold snakeskin. And this tassel clutch? Perfect accessory.

Designer: Tom Ford



Kate Winslet: The disappointment. KATE! You walked the red carpet with Leonardo Dicaprio, on his big night (finally!!), in a shiny black garbage bag. If there was ever a night to be on point this was it, and she completely missed it. Not the Jack and Rose moment we were all hoping for!!!

Designer: Ralph Lauren


Heidi Klum: Why is Heidi Klum at the Oscars? Her red carpet looks have been slipping lately and this one takes the cake. She looks she borrowed this dress from a bridesmaid who was in a bad late 80’s/early 90’s wedding. Yikes.

Designer: Marchesa


Sofia Vargara: Give us more Sofia!! She is gorgeous, with a killer body, and has gigantic personality. This dress is none of those things. Just boring. I’m bored.

Designer: Marchesa


Mindy Kaling: I always try to put my personal feelings about Mindy Kaling aside when she walks a red carpet. I just don’t like her. And I have yet to like any of her fashion choices. This dress looks like she has a bed sheet wrapped around her arms, dragging on the floor. You know the look…. When you’re bed is so warm and cozy and you have to get up but can’t let go of the blankets.

Designer: Elizabeth Kennedy


Now that Awards season is over, to help me feel better about myself, I will just lay in bed judging the Real Housewives of every city in America. Maybe we should start writing about that?!

February 29, 2016 by Ali Superstar
Tags: 2016 Fashion

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