Learning How To Read Tarot Cards

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Tarot cards and horoscopes have always been a fascination of ours. Especially at this time, when we're wondering what adventures and challenges the new year will hold. Figuring out your direction or focus doesn't always come easily, which is why we're hosting a Galentine's Day event where you can have your love and career tarot card forecast read! Incase you can't join us for the girls night out, here are some tips for learning how to read your own tarot cards... tarot card reading edmonton calgary galentines day event Clear your mind and listen to your gut. When purchasing a deck or picking a card during your reading, go for one that you're naturally drawn to. Perhaps the image will speak to you or some underlying energy will pull you towards a specific card. Trust your intuition, it's the wisdom of your sole and it knows the way. Get to know your deck. Pay attention to the drawings on each individual card to learn their meanings. By looking at every detail you will begin to get a sense of the message the cards are sending or the life lessons you may need to learn to enhance your own physical or mental well being. tarot cards edmonton fashion galentines valentines girls night out calgary Major vs. Minor Arcana. Tarot cards are grouped into two major sub categories that share a commonality in weight. A major arcana card represents an energy that is deep, strong, decisive or long term, some you may recognize are the Sun, the Moon, the Lovers, and the Fool cards. When you pick a major card that means you have tapped into a powerful energy in your life. Where as a minor arcana card speaks more so to the short term, the ups and downs of daily life. Practice makes perfect. The key to a good reading is practising often. Want to get started stat?! We found this free printable tarot card deck or you can join us for our first annual YYC & YEG Galentine's Day event to learn more about the future of your love and career life!

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