Golden Globes 2016

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*We have Jill Gillis, contributor of The Neat Blog ( guest posting for us with her take on the Golden Globes!*

Golden Globes 2016

Awards season has begun! AKA - me sitting on my couch judging celebrities by what they wear while I eat chips. How I think I can say the slightest thing about them not looking perfect while I sit in leggings is beyond me, but dammit, I’m gonna do it anyway! So we’re gonna kick things of with the Golden Globes, here we go!



Can we expect any less from these 4?? Sequins, texture, colour and just all around GORGE.

JLo - Finally, JLo stops rubbing it in our face that she could get away with walking down the red carpet basically naked, but actually wearing something that isn’t see-through!! Obviously she can pull off a naked dress like no other, but it was so refreshing to see this colour on her beautifully spray-tanned body. And of course, hair and makeup, perfection.

Designer: Giambattista Valli


Julianne Moore - This woman is 55!! Are you kidding me? And she is always right up there with all of the young bucks. Full on solid sequins can be over done, but the small touch of velvet really makes all the difference, as well as the cut on the neckline. Yes Mama!!

Designer: Tom Ford


Kirsten Dunst - Black velvet?! Not Alannah Myles style, but if the 90’s are back, then this is how you do it. Black can be so predictable on the red carpet, but there was something about this one that stood out. I’m thinking it was the neckline being held together by 3 tiny strings, along with the smokey eye perfection!

Designer: Valentino


Olivia Wilde - Okay… this is the body that I think I have in my head, then I see someone with this body and realize I'm full on delusional. And like, didn’t she have a baby a minute ago?? Love the colour, love the jewels, love the make-up, love HER.

Designer: Micheal Kors


Lady Gaga - When Gaga shows up looking like this, in all of her Marilyn Monroe glory, that meat dress suddenly seems like it wasn’t even real (thank god). Gaga knows when it counts, and pulls it out. And of course it’s designed by her doppelgänger, Donatella. Can’t go wrong.

Designer: Versace


Cate, Kate, Kate and Katy

So apparently if your name is Kate (Cate), then a shade of pink was your only gown option.

Cate Blanchet - Fringe on fringe on fringe!! And pink fringe at that! I love this woman for the fact that she will always take a risk, and it’s rare she disappoints. Only she can pull this off and look elegant. Literally anyone else would look like a cross of flapper girl gone wrong, and my little pony.

Designer: Givenchy


Katy Perry - Oh Katy Perry! If you didn’t open your mouth I would actually be a fan of you. In the last couple of years, Katy has been pulling off some good looks, some that have been favourites. But then she goes and admits she has multiple bump-its in her hair. No Katy. Just no.

Designer: Prada


Kate Bosworth - I guess in some cases more really is more. Bold colour, pattern, and sequins. This is so good. For someone who is usually ultra fem, or quirky, this look is different for Kate, but shows that she really pull off anything. Ugh, I hate those people!!

Designer: Dolce & Gabbana


Kate Hudson - We have been seeing this look on Kate Hudson a lot lately, so some may be tired of it, but girl has an athletic line to promote so obviously she needs to show off that toned bod!! This works though because she keeps everything else simple, and effortless. Making it seem like she woke up like that.

Designer: Micheal Kors



Golden Globes

Of course the show wouldn’t be complete without a couple of Golden Globes! I mean, thats what its all about isn't it?

Rosie Hunington-Whiteley: So she may as well be the actual award. Golden dress, skin, hair, and makeup?! Gawwwd! Just perfection. Oh, and just to make it all even more annoying, she just got engaged to her super hot boyfriend. Ugh.

Designer: Versace


Brie Larson: I don’t know much about this actress?? I guess I should actually watch the movies that are nominated… that might help. But the fashion is way more fun to talk about!! She looked great. Just enough sparkle, a little sexy, but not too much, beautiful colour, and great hair and make up. That’s all I got. I’ll find out some dirt on her before the next awards show.

Designer: Calvin Klein



Usually my least favourites are celebs who are a little under the radar, and maybe they don’t have access to the best of the best stylists. But this year, it was some bigger names, and ladies who normally get it right! Let’s hope they’ll figure it out for the next show.

Melissa McCarthy: Okay, she has been looking so great lately, but for some reason when I look at this dress, I’m seeing Missy Elliot’s video The Rain. I love shiny and sparkly things, but this just isn’t the right kind of shiny and sparkly. Her hair and makeup was beautiful though!


Rachel McAdams: One of my usual faves :( This dress is making me think of a table cloth my mom would have whipped up for Christmas back in the day. Rachel, from one Canadian girl to another, I’m sorry!!


Eva Longoria: Again, usually another that doesn’t disappoint. The designer of this dress should have taken Coco Chanel'ss advice. Always take one accessory off before you leave the house. In this case one of the details of the dress should have been taken off. Just too much. I think if it was just the beaded embellishment at the top, and the slit, it would have been beautiful!


There you have it folks!

Until the next Awards Show...!

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