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Adventures in Fashion Edmonton Fashion Blogger Edmonton fashion blogger, Vickie, from Adventures in Fashion sat down with our in-house fashion designer, Alisha Schick, to get the store of her brand,  Suka Clothing. What made you decide to take the plunge and start Suka Clothing? The brand has been a progression. I knew that I had always wanted to do my own label, but it took me years to figure out exactly what type of style or asthetic I wanted. I think it's really important for designers to establish their brand or point-of-view before they really take the plunge. Once I had the logo, photo shoots and marketing in place, that's when I felt like I could do it and make money and take it seriously. Having accounts and real stores to sell my clothes in also made it a lot more serious. There is a certain amount of professionalism that must go on there; it's very different from doing markets and shows just for fun. I've been building the brand since 2005, but I really stepped up my game in 2011. I had a lot of business stuff to learn, and the artist in me struggled with that. [caption id="attachment_10845" align="aligncenter" width="584"]Suka Clothing designer, Alisha Schick, is on the right. Amor of Hunt Amor on the left. Suka Clothing designer, Alisha Schick, is on the right. Amor of Hunt Amor on the left.[/caption] 2. What's the best part of designing a collection? Drawing and sketching. I love to draw and it is probably the only thing I could lose track of time doing. It used to be frustrating to me because what was in my brain was very stubborn — it was a hard step for me to find the fabrics and make it real, and that frustrated me. Once I learned to make the fabric part of the process a lot more, this became a lot easier for me.  I actually don't like sewing at all! 3. Because we're all nosy and want to know how other people live, can you describe a typical day-in-the-life? Lol, here's a typical day/week: Mondays are studio days, which means showing up at 10am or 11am; if I can sleep in, I do. If I can't, I won't. I'm not a huge breakfast person; I drink coffee and I eat big lunches and late dinners. If I can fit  in a work out, it's usually in the evening — jogging or hot yoga  are my favorites. But I'm starting to get into spin class. Tuesday to Friday are school days, which means 8:30am to 3:00pm I'm teaching and lecturing. I teach design principles and illustration at MC College — yes, we are a fashion school too, I don't teach hair! After teaching, I grab a quick snack and head to the studio to sew and then work out and/or have food after that. Saturday and Sunday are studio days. I'm not a big homebody, but I'm trying to learn to balance so I can concentrate on being a real human sometimes and not work all the time. I try to integrate friends and fun as much as I can, but it's tough when you are trying to build a brand and fund it on your own — #girlboss in training! [caption id="attachment_10842" align="aligncenter" width="400"]suka clothing gothletics edmonton fashion designer An image from Suka's new collection look book, Gothletics.[/caption] 4. What's one thing you can't live without? Exercise! I would be a complete mess without it; it keeps me balanced and motivated. I'm a crazy person when I don't get enough of it 5. You reference various periods in your collections — what's your favourite decade in terms of style? For me, it's more about the sub culture or the attitude of the time, not so much the decade itself. I try to zone in on really untapped themes that may come out of that time period ... The challenge of mix and match intrigues me. Decades are decades, but the silhouettes and ideas started repeating themselves by the 1960s, so you have to keep it special. Currently I'm into clean silhouettes and sportswear. Fabrics and styling are influenced by activewear and uniforms; design silhouettes and elements are arranged with angled lines with sleek minimalistic silhouettes. I usually have a stronger theme or look I'm going for with an athletic feel with a sleek attitude. I guess I'm pulling a lot of elements from 90's street wear and hip hop fashion, but taking it out of context. [caption id="attachment_10841" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Another image from the Gothletic look book. Another image from the Gothletic look book.[/caption] 6. Where did the name for your alter ego, Suka, come from? Suka meant nothing to me; it was just a stupid word that came out of a terrible spelling mistake, which I find humorous because I'm terrible with grammar. I was drawing a figure with attitude and wrote your a suka beside it. Meaning sucka. Later I saw it actually said suka and thought, 'Wow, that's a neat word — it sounds Japanese.' I was inspired by a lot of techy looking club wear at the time, and liked the idea of the letters. Later I found out it meant something very different thing in different languages, and the alter ego was born! 7. And finally, the hardest-hitting question of all: Team Kelly or team Brenda? You know I used to watch 90210 religiously and I don't remember any of the premise of the show, but I do know that I was team Kelly. I have the 90210 Kelly Barbie to prove it; but maybe I just liked what she was wearing more than the character. Brenda had this collegial, norm-core style that didn't appeal to me at the time — hilarious how I look back now and understand why my sister had picked the Brenda doll. Kelly had it going on; she had a purple, double breasted blazer on and a short skirt. And she wore heels a little bit more edgy and sophisticated than Brenda did. I also loved Brenda's fringe backcombed or hanging in her face — I love it all! vickie, edmonton fashion blogger wearing suka clothing gothleticsVisit Vickie's blog, Adventures in Fashion, to see how she styles Suka Clothing! Thanks for getting the story on Suka Clothing! Stay tuned for our next Edmonton fashion designer feature. XO BB.  

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