'Pain is not Beauty' Tees: Kimberly-Lynn Hanson's Passion Project

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Pain Is Not Beauty Tees Bamboo Ballroom Spring 2014


We at Bamboo Ballroom have cordially invited local artist, Kimberly-Lynn Hanson, as our guest, to show off her limited edition, 'Pain is Not Beauty' luxury tees. We have the privilege of possessing the Only 7 left in the world available for your purchase. This 'Pain is Not Beauty' tee is this first edition in her time-based series she has playfully named: " Treasures Abound ". Kimberly-lynn Hanson has taken the challenge to highlight the versatility of her tees by personally styling each mannequin, while also taking the time to accent and compliment the hundreds of beautiful butterflies hand-cut and sophisticatedly composed by The Bamboo Ballroom's ever so talented, in-house window designer,Nicola Gavins! We would like to thank them both for contributing their gifts to us, and are excited to to share them with you, Happy Spring Everyone, You deserve it! Love Everyone at Bamboo Ballroom! xo BB *Please note that some of the items on display are from the artist's personal collection and are not available for purchase.   Pain Is Not Beauty Tees Bamboo Ballroom Spring 2014

Pain Is Not Beauty Tees Bamboo Ballroom Spring 2014


The 'Pain is not Beauty' tees and their sequential counterparts are the passion project of Artist, Kimberly-Lynn Hanson and below is a little bit she would like to share with you about them: The creation of these t-shirts began for myself and quickly evolved into what is available before you now. The perfect white deep V tee began as a craving. I wanted the perfect white tee, one I  could have 12 of and wear every day, no matter how I was feeling or which side of me I felt like expressing. I wanted the perfect white deep V tee to symbolize who I was at my core and everything else I wore, depending on whichever character of me I wanted to play that day, would just be the ornamentation that went around it. I wanted it to be a simple white Tee shirt, same as every white Tee shirt, but because of my childhood love for a little James Dean dissidence, I wanted to break the rules a bit - I wanted it to be the deepest of V's. and I love the richness of well made, honest materials so- I wanted it to be luxury. I wanted this perfect white Tee and I searched for it my whole life. But no matter where I looked, or how close I got, I could never find exactly IT. My  life long treasure hunt finally came to a close when I graciously accepted the fact that it might just not exist. Instead of stopping there my ingrained sense of dissidence what I like to call my "fuck you" kicked in. The acceptance of my perfect white Tee's nonexistence evolved into a feeling that I had to do something about it. If I couldn't have it, then I would just have to make it myself. Having zero experience in the textile world, I researched the process, I mean after all, what's the LEAST amount of shirts would you have to make to in order to produce them? I didn't care about how much a small run would cost, I wanted them! So I assumed 50, that would supply me for life! I could live the rest of my life, being 90 and still having my perfect white Tee. God, I would look fantastic! Perfect, so would have a life supply. I searched my head, who did I know in the textile industry that could point me in the right direction. I contacted my friend in New York who gave me to a company that specialized in small quality runs. This company was in Montreal. Nice, I thought to myself, I get to keep it Canadian!! From there, my great friend Isabel, who ironically was also in Montreal, stepped up to the plate. She was brand manager for Buffalo brand, in charge of the Men's outerwear knits and woven, so she knew all the ins and outs and had the heart to want to help. She's smart as a goddam tack and has the sophistication and the impeccable taste to know how not to ef around. We both shared the drive to get things done and we both had the determination to not let anything get in our way from doing it. I knew I was on the right team. We quickly got to work. I mailed her the shirts that were in my 'close, but no cigar' collection. I explained to her the exact modifications I wanted to incorporate into creating the deep V tee of my dreams and I told her the specific qualities of the material I wanted it made from and which company I had learned would be able to deliver. From there she made connections at Ws & Co. , we began to source out material and lock down specifics . I gave her the coordinates, she steered the ship! Ws & Co. informed us the smallest run they did was 250 shirts. 250 shirts, shit, what was I going to do with 250? That's a long life time. And as Isabel said to me, " What are you gong to do with 250 fucking shirts?! ".  " I don't know! Just make 'em!!" was my quick reply. 250 shirts wasn't going to stop me, so as I got off the phone with her, I though what could I use the extra 200 shirts for? Well, I could sell them, I could sell them from my studio, to clients. But the idea of putting my name on the front of my shirts made me nauseous. So did putting any of my art on the front…. I didn't want people walking around screaming my name. I felt it tacky. I wanted to allow the sophistication of the shirt to speak for itself; I wanted the sophistication of the people wearing them to speak for themselves. So, then I thought, if people were going to speak from their own voices, what would I have them say? And so I wanted you to say, and believe when you said it, " Pain is Not Beauty " Ok, now I was making shirts and not just for me, but for all. I didn't want to make different sizes. Something about the idea of making different sizes seemed convoluted, after all there could only be ONE perfect white deep V tee. And the truest beauty of the timeless white t-shirt, is the honesty it conveys; the subtle space it creates to allow a person's humble nature to shine. I wanted everyone to have their humble nature shine but I also only wanted to have one size of t-shirt. How was I to accomplish this?! And then was born the UNSIZE……. and this letter I've written to you: And so a few slight modifications were made from my original design to allow for the success of my new found challenge. But we nailed it and the Deep V was in production! Before the deep V tee was even finished being manufactured, the excitement of process in creating it, inspired me to want to bring into existence the second inline of my cravings ~ the perfect white Crew neck!!! Knowing I wanted to make a crew neck (after all of the deep V's disappeared of course) next led me to knowing that after the deep v's were gone, there would be another. So many shirt designs flooded my mind, so many messages I wanted to share. I had a feeling that when all of the crews were sold, I would not be able to stop myself from making more!! So I designed the "Pain is Not Beauty Tees" to be the first edition in a time-based series I have named, "Treasures Abound". This series is designed to fit men and women alike and I have intently tailored it so the wearer will feel brave, strong, and comfortable. Now, I have the perfect white deep V tee of my dreams.  and you can too!  ...Blue Jeans and white t-shirts! Viva la romance!

Pain Is Not Beauty Tees Bamboo Ballroom Spring 2014



 I have personally designed the cut of the shirts and it comes in only one size. I have named it the 'All for one-one for all ' UNsize. I am a tattoo artist and have been dealing with pretty much every body type for over 7 years now. When clients get their first look in the mirror at the new tattoo we both worked so hard on as team to create, their would eyes light up, they'd be so elated ! and then, as they turn away from the mirror there is a subconscious glance at their tummy, or their thighs, or their arms, followed with a little rub in the affected vicinity, or by pulling in their abdominal muscles. The joy and magic of their new tattoo would be pushed aside for that flash of a moment to focus on what they perceive as imperfection. People are so concerned about what 'size ' they are. When it came to designing my shirts, I wanted to create something that defied a size. I took it as my challenge to make every body type I had ever worked on, and have the people inside that body see that it is the same as everyone else's they were comparing themselves to. And I wanted them to see they were as beautiful as l saw them. After all, I didn't care what your body looked like or how it compared to others'. You gave me your trust and you lent me your skin so I could create. Without you, I could not make my art I have so much joy in creating. And so your body to me was beautiful and I wanted you to remove your size, and where you placed your self in the scale you'd created relating to others. It was my challenge to take into account every size, every gender, every height, of every body that I had ever tattooed and create one thing. One thing that would fit each body and depending on each body's unique characteristics, the shirt's silky, weighted luxury material would drape differently, or the sleeves could be rolled up if they sat too low, or tucked in if the shirt was seemingly too long- you could tuck it in slouchy if you were a nonchalant type, or structured, if you preferred the neat and tidy look. But I wanted to show you, that whatever you thought was 'wrong' with the shirt, or with your body type because it didn't look 'right' was your construction. If you received the shirt and you didn't automatically fall in love with it, or fell out of excitement in you when you put it on because the image you saw reflected in the mirror was not same as that of the beautiful man or woman wearing it in the photo that inspired you to get it, then you didn't look right. You didn't see you had everything you need to make it work. You did not see it as an opportunity for you to get playfully creative in making it work. All you had to do was add your own personal inflections to it to make it look perfect! By adding your own personal inflection accordingly to what you were given would make the EXACT same shirt that everyone else had, be uniquely beautiful on You! So, it is with the same shirt, the same writing, the same 'all for one-one for all' unsize, the same deepest of V's so you could proudly bare your chest, that I specifically designed this shirt for you, so you can feel perfect. Because you are. With so much love and so much thanks for your unwavering trust in allowing me to create for you, Kimberly-Lynn Hanson   Pain Is Not Beauty Tees Bamboo Ballroom Spring 2014

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