20 Days of Gifts- Day 5

Matt & Nat

We know Holiday shopping can be tricky (both giving and setting up your perfect wish list) and we are here to help <3 Every day until Christmas we will be posting our favourite gift ideas.  See something you like?  Send us an email to put it aside for you to bambooballroom@telus.net, or include your wish and the person's email you would love to receive it from and we will send them an email with a picture of the item and the price. Happy shopping everyone! Matt & Nat matt & nat edmonton goldfrapp Dover matt & nat dover edmonton Laroux matt & nat laroux edmonton Jorja Large matt & nat jorja edmonton Shannon (L), Motiv (R) matt & nat wallets edmonton Hopper (Diaper Bag) matt & nat hopper edmonton Post matt & nat post edmonton Redwood (Wallet/Clutch) matt & nat redwood edmonton Kane matt & nat kane edmonton Jorja Small matt & nat jorja edmonton

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